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Dear guest, You are facing a very challenging dilemma, namely where to receive your higher education. Clearly, because life visions throughout and after studies are different, the options are many. Each person has its own reasoning in this context, and yet the general expectations remain the same – gaining, during a transitory time period, the relevant graduate competences, knowledge, and skills required to ensure a busy but comfortable life, and a fulfilling career.

Today, college and university students should be more competitive than ever before, as employers are particularly keen to see competitive advantages in graduate applicants. Higher education establishments are therefore seeking to create beneficial environments for facilitating the development of students’ personality and talent, as well as the acquisition of graduate competences on which competitive advantage is based.

Hence, the main objectives of our department is to have our academic team and student cohorts be part of the same team in regards to carrying out research into innovative and prospective issues. Because theoretical and practical experiences are to be obtained on fully pragmatic grounds, this helps our graduates excel in their careers. Following the first graduating class in 1996, our alumni include many entrepreneurs and executives in various industries, such as banking, finances, marketing advertising, and many more.

We pride ourselves with our graduates. A worldwide outlook, practical approaches to contemporary management, comprehensive insights into the economic environment, as well as a good command of English and another language are the distinguishing features of our graduates. This enables students to pursue successful careers by entering the employment market equipped.

We wish you a happy choice!






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International teachers

This year seven foreign teachers have become associated with our department. They contribute to our pressing task of making our Bachelor's program partially in English and, from the next year, our graduate studies fully English speaking.


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One of the main goals of all world universities is minimizing the theory - future work divide. Practical orientation of all areas of studies has always been FESS' priority. It is the tutors' responsibility in the Bachelor Programme.



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