Small business management

Program "Small business management" is a practical program with studying of world practices of small business, start-up creation and project development on the basis of digital technologies.

In 2019 the prorgam was placed 38th in the best world ranking of Entrepreneurship programs.

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Main Components of the Programme

Development of personal and professional competencies, sufficient for the creation and development of a small business.

The ability to combine the functions of a manager, an economist, a financier and a lawyer, since small business is a special type of economic activity that requires the entrepreneur to have certain personal qualities and a complex of the most modern professional competencies.

Establishing useful business contacts in a business environment

Developing skills for making your own effective decisions in standard and non-standard situations when running a small business. The ability to control the activities of the organization and of each of its components.

Writing a master's thesis on the topic of own company. Today only those who have received in-depth specialized studying in a profile university can successfully manage their own business.

Fluency in English.