Project management

In 2018 the program “Project Management” was placed fourth and received 4 Palmes among “General Management” programs of Eastern Europe in Eduniversal agency’s ranking.

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Main Components of the Programme

The FESS' Project Management Master’s Programme trains experts who are able to create and implement an effective business project. Compared to other types of managers a project manager is recognized as a highest rank expert who synthesizes advanced competences of economics and management. They are the most highly demanded experts both in companies and in the economy in general.

A graduate of the Project Management programme is an expert who successfully works in Russian or international companies and has formed their own professional competitive advantages.

A FESS Master who has completed the Project Management programme knows Russian and international project management standards, modern methods, and IT technology. They can develop and implement projects in any sphere of business, take correct operational and technical decisions within the framework of the company's strategy, can fluently speak two foreign languages in business communication, have written and defended a master's thesis as a project commissioned by a company.